Rega P5


SOLD $1,279.20

NOV 2011



Stereophile Review

Why did I choose to list the Rega P5 on my 'Best Value For Money' Recommended Components List...? Simple; it is the Swiss Army knife of Turntables. You get the awesome Rega RB700 Tonearm, better plinth than the Rega P3-24 and the ability to run the Rega TT PSU for an all up cost of under $1,600.00! Unbeatable performance at a reasonable price. If you have the budget to buy a table that will offer you ground breaking performance never before seen at this price level then the Rega P5 is for you.

The difference in Tonearm performance that the RB700 offers over the RB301 on the P3-24 is noticeable and with my special pricing deals on the P5 the Rega lover will find this table most difficult to refuse.



Cartridges are sold separately.


Awesome RB700 Tonearm makes the P5 that much better than the P3-24.


The legend continues.




The P5 is a turntable born from the legacy of the P25. The P5 celebrates over 30 years of Rega precision crafting specialist hi-fi in Britain. And subsequently combines everything that Rega stands for, which is simply, giving you the best product in terms of quality and style at the best possible price!

The P5 utilises idea's and engineering techniques used on our more expensive turntables; the aluminium surround, its complex CNC machined skeletal low mass micro-fibre plinth. Not to mention the new RB700 tonearm found on the P7.

The Glass platter of the P5 is hand crafted from floated plate glass 15mm in thickness. This makes for a superb platter material which provides stability and assists in the isolation of record information against other sounds (i.e. /knocking or vibrations) and also provides excellent speed stability; thus providing increased sonic enjoyment.

Upgrade power supply: The TT PSU.
The TT PSU is an optional upgrade power supply for the P5 turntable. It was constructed to help reproduce your music with greater efficacy, utilising technologies adapted from our flagship turntable the P9 and the P5's predecessor the P25.

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Download the manual...
P5 Manual English - (195kb)
P5 Manual French - (196kb)